Special Edition: Buyer Beware When Hiring Consultants

Episode 036

Special Edition: This episode discusses, in my opinion, disturbing information on one of the consulting groups I had mentioned in a previous episode. It kept me up last night and I did not want to wait until Friday to discuss it.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think of today’s Business of Dentistry show.

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If you’ve listened to previous episodes of this show you know I am here to be transparent and to share with you what works and what doesn’t work in my experience, and in my practice. If you tuned in for episode 33 of Business of Dentistry then you also know I have been speaking with a consultant.

For those of you who missed that episode or don’t remember the details, here’s a refresher: Recently I was asked to do a survey by a company, and even before returning their phone calls I did my due diligence on them. The company seemed legitimate so I did survey. They offered me a free session with one of their consultants as a token of appreciation.

So I got on phone with consultant, and he seemed very knowledgeable. He told me he analyzes practices to see if he can provide solutions to their problems, and there’s no obligation.

He also suggested we have multiple phone calls, again no obligation and no charge. I agreed and we had several conversations about my practice, what wasn’t working, etc.

We got to the end of the phone calls and the analysis a few weeks later, and to wrap things up we did an overall summary of what is wrong with my practice. He agreed with my summation and also added one suggestion.

Then he asked what I wanted to do next, and I knew this was a sales pitch. I also knew it was coming, that was fine with me. I didn’t mind because their insights into my practice’s problems were spot on. They were so good that I was considering working with them even prior to the sales page, although their fees were between $25k and $35k.

Before I signed on the dotted line I did a little more due diligence. What I found almost kept me up at night! Because I am not trying to promote something I don’t believe in, I wanted to share with you what I found. I believe in being transparent with you, no matter what.

As I dug into the history of this company more, I found some disturbing history. Simply by Googling “bad experiences with dental consultants” I found a wealth of information. Special thanks to the gentleman behind The Wealthy Dentist, I believe he saved me a lot of heartache, hassle and cash!

It seems this particular company that I had been speaking with was using consultations as a strategy to promote Scientology! Check out the links in the Resources section below for more details, but many people had gone through the same survey/free consultation experience I had only to wind up being pitched to join Scientology.

Personally, I keep my practice and religion separate. My problem with the approach these consultants used was their bait and switch tactics, I don’t like the premise and the method they are using to promote their beliefs.

The information I found was so disturbing that I had to share with you. When you listen to today’s episode you’ll hear some of the information I found on a forum, some of which spells out exactly what happened to me! The reason I did today’s edition of Business of Dentistry is so you know what you are getting yourself into if you choose to work with them.

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3 thoughts on “Special Edition: Buyer Beware When Hiring Consultants

  1. I wish I had known about this podcast and your experiences with consultants like this. I clicked on the link and in the first paragraph was the name of the guy who I spent 9 months talking to (Allen Jackson) before I drank the kool-aid and ended up at a meeting in Portland for a week, only to be entertained by a young wanna-be stand-up comedian with a foul mouth and a consultant who knew very little about dentistry at all. The company I got sucked into was Silkin Management but apparently it goes by many different names. Thanks for the info and I look forward to getting started listening to your podcast.

    • Ray, Sorry to hear that you got further into this than I did. After posting this episode I had several of our colleagues email me explaining how, they too, had been caught in a similar situation. In short, we are not alone. Are you still with Silkin?

      • Only paying for the kool-aid, not drinking it. I’ve requested several times that they take me off their contact lists but I get emails and paper amil from them almost every week. Thank goodness for spam filters and trash cans! I will admit that they helped me with some of the statistics that I need to know on a daily basis but the overall concepts of ‘here’s a blank book, do it yourself and pay us money’ didn’t set well with me at all, especially when they gave me a different consultant in Portland who knew nothing about a dental business. I’ve been diving into a lot of podcasts but my commute is less than 15 minutes so it takes quite some time to get through one episode of any of the podcasts, much less keep up. I think right now I have almost 900 unlistened episodes of all my podcasts, and I’ve added 2 new ones to my list in the last week. Not enough hours in the day!!