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In recent years, I’ve become passionate about a martial arts practice known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Incorporating this practice into my routine has taught me many lessons that apply both on the mat, and behind the chair.

Jiu Jitsu

On this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast, I’m sharing three lessons I’ve learned from jiu-jitsu that can enhance your business skills as a dental professional. I’ll elaborate on how these lessons can help you be more relatable to patients, hone your skills, and improve the environment in your dental practice.

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You might wonder what Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the business of dentistry have in common. From my experience, there are many disciplines learned from martial arts that translate directly to owning a small business.

The first thing that I’ve learned from jiu-jitsu is that it’s necessary to check your ego at the door. When approaching a jiu-jitsu match having a strong ego is a monumental mistake. Competitors can sense this state of mind, and overconfidence leads to defeat.

This concept applies to owning a dentistry business in the sense that your patients also immediately sense arrogance. Certainly, you have an important skill set and an honorable education, but that does not mean you can be condescending to your patients. You are there to help them, so you must change your mindset. It’s not about you: it’s about them.

The second principle from jiu-jitsu that changed my life is learning how to relax. Brazilian jiu-jitsu promotes continuous relaxation and emphasizes the importance of breathing. The practice can be intimidating and scary, but learning to manage risk and trust the system is pertinent for success.

This too, applies to dentistry. In order to be successful in the dental business, you must let go of small details, and learn to go with the flow. All work and no play is not a sustainable way to live. I recommend finding an outlet to help you relax. Discover a hobby or interest outside of your business that can help you slow down.

Finally, jiu-jitsu teaches the importance of teamwork. Brazilian jiu-jitsu cannot be practiced alone—it’s necessary to have a training partner to aid development and hone your skills.

I have found that teamwork is also a critical business skill that applies to dentistry. Appreciating both administrative and clinical staff is imperative to running a successful dental business, as you cannot run the office alone. By showing appreciation to your staff, they will appreciate you in turn, and will want to help you improve your business.

To hear more about how martial arts can help you launch your dental business to the next level, listen in to this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast!

“Find something that helps you relax.”

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