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Promoting your business is an important aspect of running a successful dental practice, and recently I’ve done some reading on how to change the way we promote as dental business owners.

On this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast, I’ll explore how you can grow your business by promoting from your patients’ perspective, and how you can address three of their main concerns in order to attract new patients, as well as retain current ones.

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Patient-focused promotion means changing your mindset, and developing content from the patients’ perspective, not yours. To attract new patients into your business simply share how you can solve their problems and answer their questions.

In my experience patients have three areas of objection when it comes to seeking dental treatment: time, fear, and money. It’s imperative to address these concerns in your business in order for your patients to feel comfortable and valued.

First of all, your patients value their time; they want to know how they can minimize the amount of time spent in your office. I suggest addressing this objection by answering questions about how much time it will take. Spend some time developing answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about time. Potential patients want to know how many hours, or appointments it will take to complete their procedures.

Overcoming fear is another hurdle that many patients face. Dental appointments are feared by many, many people! Strive to help your patients overcome their fear by providing solutions. Let them know you understand their concerns by answering their questions, and trying to help them relax.

The last area of objection, money, is a widely debated issue within the profession. Many dentists claim that you should be quiet about your fees, but my perspective is that patients appreciate your honesty. Although I typically let my staff handle speaking to patients about money, I am sure to always answer honestly when a patient asks.

Changing your perspective means shifting the focus away from yourself. If you can change your mindset to thinking about how you can help your patients, you will see great payoff within your dental business.

On this episode, I also share some promotional materials I think are ineffective, as well as how I’ve rewritten website content and created videos in order to help my patients. For more about patient-focused promotion, don’t miss this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast!

“Come from the perspective of the patient.”

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