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Episode 059

Voices of Dentistry Special Edition: This week I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with 3 guys from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. They were kind enough to take time out of their day to get me up to speed on how much dental school has changed since I attended. Listen in to this special 59th edition of Business of Dentistry. Enjoy!

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Today’s episode of the Business of Dentistry podcast is coming to you on location at the Voices of Dentistry conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I recorded this in the podcast lounge at the conference and I’m joined by three attendees: John, Cole and Matthew. All three are in their fourth year of dental school at the University of Kentucky.

I brought these guys on to talk about what dental school is like now (versus when I attended), what their future plans are and the podcast they’re going to be releasing.

My first question to them was how they were introduced to podcasts, how they started listening.

John goes first and says he started listening to podcasts when he got into dental school; he likes the business aspect of the dental shows and he listens primarily for the business side of things. He calls podcasts “free CE”.

Cole was introduced to podcasts by John and he listens for both business and clinical, although more for business.

And finally Matt has been doing a lot of research on his own for the past three years, outside of his schoolwork. In his searching he has found future success is dependent on knowledge of the business side of dentistry and that’s what drew him to podcasts. He believes you have to tie both realms together – the clinical and the business – to really be successful on your own terms as a dentist.

Matt also share they have kept logs of what they’ve been learning on the various shows they listen to and he knows they will be referring to those logs once they’re in practice after graduation.

It was fascinating to hear their answers because they are all so far ahead of where I was when I was in their shoes! It’s excellent they are getting this understanding so early, before they’re even working in the field.

I asked Cole to elaborate about the clinical information he’s listening to on podcasts. He explained he’s hearing how to get patients to accept treatment, how to set up your practice to save time, and how to be as efficient, and effective as possible in your practice. He is also learning to communicate properly with patients while building and running a practice.

Cole goes on to say he merges that information with the business aspect to get the best of both worlds so he can fully utilize it all once he’s out of dental school.

Speaking of graduating from dental school, I asked each of them what their plans are next. John will be working in Cookville, TN. I told him I’m familiar with that town because it is about 30 min down the road from my office.

In Cookville, John will be working for a doctor there who is getting ready to transition out of his practice. It’s at least a two-man practice so John and Matthew will be there together. The plan is for them to buy it after a year and run it together.

It seems inevitable that they would run a practice together after John explains that he Matthew grew up together. They have been friends since they were infants – there’s a picture of John’s mom holding him as a baby and Matthew’s grandmom holding him as a baby at their local church! They were 18 months old in that picture and have been friends as long as they can remember.

Cole’s future post-dental school plan is to do a residency program in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s an AEGD program and he will be there for a year. He sees himself back in the Kentucky/Tennessee area after, although he doesn’t have a specific spot picked out yet.

Also on today’s show we talk about the differences from my days in dental school to theirs, how early they start seeing patients as students, the bonds we form with our dental school classmates and what their new podcast is about. You’ll hear the details on all of that and so much more on the 59th episode of the Business of Dentistry!

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