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Episode 024

Do you know what people are saying about you online? Do you know if your business is properly listed on Google Maps? If you aren’t sure what reviews your patients have posted online or what people are seeing when they “google” you, you could be in for a surprise.

In today’s episode I share my struggles with Google reviews and duplicate business page listings, and why every business owner needs to know about their own online presence. I also share the ways I am trying to improve my standing online. Listen in to find out more…



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For the last several years I’ve been trying to crack the code on how to get more Google reviews. I’ve specifically been focused on Google reviews because they are the penultimate in search engines, the majority of people searching for anything online use Google so it pays to be high in their search results.

But why should you even bother with any kind of online reviews? Of all the experts I listen to and read the advice of say online reviews are important. If people don’t get a referral from a friend or family member, they go online and read others’ reviews of potential services and service providers.

So if you don’t know what people are saying about you online you could be losing out on new patients, if the reviews aren’t good. And if they are good but no one can find your business you could be missing out on new patients as well. So it pays to know what reviews are posted about your practice online, and to take advantage of good reviews from your existing patients.

I’ve been working with a marketing company to find out what other reviews are posted about my practice. They have an easy-to-use and direct dashboard that tells me how many reviews are online, what the average rating is, what percentage is positive and how many total visitors I’ve had.

On today’s show I go into my specific numbers for each measurement, where this marketing firm has culled all this information from and also how I gained six Google reviews in just one week.

Here is the process I used to generate those new reviews: I send feedback requests to my surgery patients (not consults or post-ops, just surgery patients). The questionnaire asks if they had a positive or negative experience with my practice.

If they choose positive it asks them to leave a Google review. If it is negative it provides them with a way to send us their specific feedback and does not ask them to leave a Google review.

In the last 7 days I sent 29 text messages asking for feedback and 24 emails (some patients received both a text and an email). Thirteen people clicked on the text message, 10 emails were opened and 3 people clicked the link inside of it. Of those people 6 left reviews, all of which were 5 stars. Some left only a rating and others left a comment too.

This is a good example of how you can do the same: follow up with a specific group of patients, ask for their feedback and then based on the feedback ask for a review or take care of them internally if the feedback isn’t positive.

Set a goal for your practice in doing this. My personal goal is 2 new reviews a week for an entire year: 96 new reviews total. Setting a goal gives the office something to strive for and also helps us know how we’re serving the patients. Fundamentally you must be serving your patients well in order to gain more positive reviews so be sure you are getting feedback regularly somehow!

Also on today’s episode of the Business of Dentistry I share how I found my two business listings on Google Maps, why you should only have one and what I’m doing to consolidate mine into one. Listen in to hear all of that and more on episode 24.

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2 thoughts on “Google This!

  1. First of all, thank you for a great podcast. I’m a recent grad, and you’ve opened my eyes to several things, so if there’s some way I can help you in return, I’d love to do it.

    In your episode, “Google This,” you mentioned that you’ve had some annoyances with negative reviews left by someone other than the patient. Whether it’s Google or Yelp, their policies specify that ONLY the user of the business herself can leave reviews.

    There is very little you can do to get Google or Yelp to take down a review, but if the review states outright that they were not the “customer,” that is one of the clear-cut reasons that a review can be taken down. They specifically want to exclude this kind of hearsay. I hope this helps.

    Thanks again for everything,

    • Paul, Thank you for letting me know about the policy regarding non-customer reviews. I will definitely check into this since one of my Yelp reviews was not the actual patient. I am also glad you are finding the podcast helpful in your new practice. I would also like to take you up on your offer to help…if you could find the time to leave a review on iTunes AND share the podcast with your dental friends that would be awesome. Russell