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Episode 025

Welcome to what I consider a milestone for the podcast…Episode 25.  Today’s potpourri consists of lessons I have learned over the past 25 episodes and then shifts to answering questions about banking, payroll, and accounting.  It also reveals an area that I have been delinquent in tracking…until now. Thanks for tuning in!



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As I drove into work I pondered what to talk about on this particular episode. Because I wasn’t sure I’d make it to 25 episodes of the show, today marks a milestone for me and for the podcast. So I thought I’d talk about some of the things I’ve learned from doing this show, as well as answer questions from you the listener.

One of the most important things I’ve gained from doing this show is the connection to like-minded people. It’s been a great way to connect with other similarly-inclined dental practitioners, all of whom have been supportive and helpful.

As a solo practitioner it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we are not in this alone. Although I have a great staff, wonderful family and friends, they are not in practice like you and I are so it’s been extremely beneficial to have other dental practitioners to connect with. Doing this show has given me many opportunities to do so, including joining some masterminds.

Another valuable result of this show is self-discipline. When I started the podcast I committed to posting an episode every Friday. And even though there were some weeks when I thought it wouldn’t matter if I was a day late, I still kept my promise to myself and released an episode.

There are a few other benefits I’ve gotten from the podcast including helping me to be a better student, a better dentist and business owner as well as a better person. I detail each of those areas on today’s show, and then I spend the latter half of the episode answering your questions including being fully transparent about an area I’ve been delinquent in!

You can listen in to hear those topics including whether or not I use a check cashing service, and other payroll and accounting-related questions. But the area I’ve been delinquent in is our treatment plan acceptance rate.

Recently I was asked to do a survey and after I completed it they offered me a free 30 minute consult as a token of appreciation. In that consult one of the questions was about our treatment plan acceptance rate. When asked what our rate is I didn’t know for sure so I had to dig in and find out.

Rather than looking though months of data I pulled up the month of March. In that month we had a 70% overall treatment acceptance rate. It’s not a bad rate but it could be better so we’re putting in reporting structures and looking at trends to improve it.

I wanted to bring this up to show you that there are areas I’m still working on, so you need not worry about being perfect!

My question for you is do you know your treatment plan acceptance rate? If not find out what it is, and keep track of it. If you know your rate does it need to increase? Reach out and let me know your answers. I love hearing from you, thank you for connecting and thank you for listening to this week’s episode of Business of Dentistry!

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