Creating Clinical Protocols

Episode 013

Part of running an effective dental practice is setting a standard for every procedure done in the office. Developing a clinical protocol is a business skill that can make your dental business more productive and efficient.

Procedures Folders Meaning Correct Process And Best Practice

Procedures Folders Meaning Correct Process And Best Practice

On this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast, I detail how to get started building a protocol, and how it can benefit your practice, patients, and your bottom line.

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The idea behind creating a clinical protocol is to have everyone on your team on the same page. If asked to explain a procedure any dental assistant should be able to describe step-by-step exactly how the procedure takes place in their specific practice.

To get started, I recommend creating a playbook for each procedure that is done in your office. The best way to accomplish this is to hold a meeting with your staff, in which you list the necessary steps for each procedure. It’s important to do this as a team because your staff holds a different perspective than you. By doing this together you can be certain all aspects of every procedure are covered.

By writing down the steps for each procedure your team will know exactly what to expect, and they will be able to hold you accountable. The steps in your clinical protocol should not be skipped or changed without justification.

I understand that this can seem like an enormous undertaking, which is why I recommend starting small. Once you get the ball rolling, your staff will better be able to understand your approach, and you can move on to setting standards for more in-depth procedures.

By having a specific protocol your staff will better be able to assist you by anticipating your every move. Additionally, creating a protocol will save you time and make you more productive, which translates to an increased bottom line each year.

Ultimately the patient is the one that benefits most of all from your office implementing a clinical protocol. Having a standard for each procedure makes their visit seamless and efficient, and their time in the chair is as quick as possible.

For more tips on how to create more efficiency, improve your staff training, and enhance your dental business skills tune in to this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast!

“If you set a protocol, maintain it.”

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