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Episode 090

This week on episode 90 of Business of Dentistry I talk with Sarah Thiel, RDH of CE Zoom. We have a great conversation about finding and tracking continuing education through her company CE Zoom. We also touch on how you can set up your course to provide credit through AGD PACE. Worth a listen. Thanks, Sarah – very nice to finally meet you.

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CE Zoom has been in business for 3 years and I’ve been a subscriber since 2016, so I was curious to know how the company came about. When I asked Sarah about it she explained she started dental hygienist school so she could have time for her family, while still making a good income. After completing her education she got a job working 2 days a week, but she had a hard time remembering to get her credits. Her focus was on taking care of her patients and her family.

One day about eight years ago she realized her license expired in four months and she hadn’t done any CE! At the time she lived in rural New Mexico and had no idea where was going to get the necessary credits. She was also 8 months pregnant.

Fortunately she found a conference in Albuquerque, three hours from her home. It was expensive, but she knew she had to do it. So she paid for it, attended and completed the entire conference. As she was walking out the door with her hands full of conference materials, including her certificate for her CE credits, winds kicked up and snatched paper certificate!

She knew she had get it so she dropped everything, took her heels off and ran after it – despite being 8 months pregnant at the time! She did chase it down, but the entire experience was so challenging she wondered if it wasn’t a sign to stop being a dental hygienist.

And she also wondered why were they still relying on paper for something so valuable? Why wasn’t it being done electronically? Everything else could be done online so why couldn’t this? On and off over the next few months she searched for a solution, but she never found one.

When her renewal notice came in the mail, she received yet another push to do something about the CE paperwork situation.

By this time she had given birth to her daughter so she had a four-year old daughter and an infant at home. She took her paperwork and set it down while she attended to something her baby daughter needed. In the mean time, her eldest daughter spilled chocolate milk and saturated Sarah’s certificate. The milk saturated her paperwork so badly she couldn’t decipher some of it. And that was the last straw!

A few months later she was visiting with her brother in Utah when he told her his business partners build apps. A light bulb went off and she knew it was time to take action on her idea.

Despite her brother’s protests, she contacted his business partners. She didn’t work with them but it gave her the idea to do it herself and the push to move ahead. It all came together when Cat, her old boss and now business partner, called her and said she wanted to create it with Sarah. Together they began building it and two years the state-specific CE Zoom was complete.

When telling the story of how CE Zoom came to be Sarah also mentioned she is the vision behind the company and her business partner Cat is the details person, so I asked her about the future vision for CE Zoom.

Sarah says there are big contracts in the works, soon they will be on the map for the entire country! Once that is tied up, they’ll move on to DSOs to help them track their employees’ certifications and CE credits.

Once dentistry is fully built and operational they plan to move into all professions. They have about 120 different professions that have reached out to them wanting their services, everyone from CPAs to firefighters to real estate professionals.

On today’s episode we also talk about we talk about how she met Cat, why I signed up in 2016 and how we finally met in person without knowing it! Sarah is an inspirational powerhouse, tune in to hear more from her about CE Zoom and how their company is helping the dental industry on episode 90 of Business of Dentistry.

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