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Are you aware of the general business trends that may impact your practice? In today’s episode we discuss some of these trends and how they may play a role in the overall success of our practices. Check it out on episode 30 of Business of Dentistry!


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The 2016 trends I’ll be talking about today apply to the business realm at large, I will explain how they relate to our dentistry world. I’ll be talking about trends like part-time jobs, social media influence, the not-com movement and technology.

Let’s look at part-time jobs first. In general this trend is citing an increased interest in part-time jobs in the marketplace today. There are more people interested in these roles, which gives us as business owners and practitioners more potential candidates for our offices.

Personally this is true for me:  out of the 10 people in my office and five are part-time. For example, I have one dental assistant who works for me three days a week and works for a nearby general practitioner two days a week. I have another surgical assistant who works four days a week, as does my office manager. One of my receptionists is here four days a week as well.

One of the advantages of part-time help for you is you may not have to extend all benefits to all of them. In my office everyone gets paid holidays and paid vacations. I personally extend benefits to all staff across the board, but you may not have to do that.

If you need to reduce your overhead and your costs you can opt for part-time staff. This also helps you avoid paying for an over-manned or overstaffed office.

Whatever your choice, I’ve found that part-time employees have tremendous value. Take a look at your staffing needs and see if you can bring in part-time help. I’ve leaned on my part-time people to help me grow my practice.

Another trend in 2016 is social media influence. I like to think of social media as a new form word of mouth advertising. Social media is all about your reputation, online. Even if you aren’t using social media you still have to be aware that your patients are. If you aren’t going to participate you have to know you will be talked about online. And the only way to find out what is being said is to at least be superficially engaged in social media.

A great example is I had a recent client check in at my office on Facebook. She’s a repeat customer and was stopping in for a consult. I only knew because I had my notifications on and my phone was on my desk. I saw her check in and knew she was using social media to let others know the same.

The bottom line is people are engaged in social media whether you like it or not, so you will have to have some form of knowledge about what is being said about you in that world. I know some docs resist it but I personally think social media here to stay!

Those are just two of the trends I delve into on this episode. I’ll also talk bout how technology can be utilized in your practice (it’s another trend), as well as the not-com movement and the small mom & pop business trend. To hear about all of those and more listen in to episode 30 of Business of Dentistry – and leave a comment letting me know how these trends are showing up in your practice.

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