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In today’s episode we discuss improving the security of our emails when we send patient information. Do you have a HIPPA secure way to do this? Many practice management software programs have secure email built in…but what if it does not (like mine)? We have found a solution and its called – Brightsquid. Check out today’s episode to see if Brightsquid may be right for you and your practice…

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To kick off the show today I give you an update on a few things I said I’d look into from previous episodes including check cashing services and my Camtasia video being featured on Techsmith’s web site. A big thank you to Dr. Shawn Van De Vyver for sharing my video and then passing along my information to Techsmith when they contacted him.

But the heart of today’s show is about being HIPPA compliant with your email communication, and how we do so in my practice. We’ve tried a few different options but the one that’s worked best for us so far is Brightsquid.

I was introduced to this technology by another oral surgery colleague. He had purchased the license to have Brightsquid for his referral base, and opted to have 5 accounts with his purchase. He has an account and then there are four accounts for his staff members to use. If you want more details you can check their web site, the link is in the Resources section below.

Brightsquid is appealing because it has secure email messaging to protect your practice and  the confidentiality of your patients’ health records. It also has unlimited data storage, 500 MB attachments and has a remote access option for when you aren’t in the office.

Another feature we love is the ability to track the status of emails. You can see when a message has been sent to another office, when it’s been opened and viewed. So if you send an email and you haven’t heard from the recipient you can follow up with them to let them know the email has arrived and is in their inbox.

We purchased it for $2000 which included a $500 discount because we are contacted with Dentamax, an insurance provider who offers the discount to any office who works with them. To be transparent with you that is the only discount or incentive we have received for Brightsquid – we aren’t an affiliate and we don’t receive any kind of financial incentive if you listen to today’s show and sign up!

Of course if you do sign up for Brightsquid you will need a system in place to make it work most effectively for your team. Here is an example of how we use it in our office:

A client comes in and has a CT done. I review the CT and do a screencast video using Camtasia. I edit and save the video. Then I add it our internal shared drive (the drive can only be accessed by our internal staff). From there a designated staff member picks up the file. It is part of her job to check the drive often and when she finds files there she attaches them to their corresponding patient files.

Next she will send it to email to referring doctor’s office. She checks to see if they are opened within a day or two. If not she will reach out to offices that haven’t opened their messages to let them know the message has been sent, and she requests they review it as soon as is possible.

She continues to follow up until it’s been opened and then we wait for their communication back from that referring office. We proceed as necessary after receiving their communication.

Whether you choose to follow our operating procedure for using Brightsquid it’s important you have a policy in place. My action item for you this week is to examine your electronic communication: are you using Brightsquid or something similar? If not, are you willing to update?

Some practitioners don’t use technology for paperwork and that’s fine, just decide if what you are doing is working and make adjustments as necessary. We work with non-tech-oriented offices in my practice and on today’s episode I explain why it’s important to have different systems in place to do so. Listen in to hear that and more on episode 26 of the Business of Dentistry.

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