The Dreaded Staff Meeting

Episode 016

Coming from a military background, I always believed that meetings were unproductive and a waste of time. When I opened my own dental practice, I hired a consultant who eventually talked me into having staff meetings in my office.

And doing so changed my tune! Today I’m a strong proponent of staff meetings. On this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast, I explain why I changed my mind about the efficiency of staff meetings, and how I conduct meetings in my dental business.

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Each day in my office begins with a short morning huddle. The entire staff gathers in the break room before our first patient arrives. During this time we review our schedule for the day, patient by patient. We talk about everything from health, insurance, treatment plans, and our relationship to each patient.

Spending ten to fifteen minutes together every morning ensures that everyone on the staff is on the same page. I want everyone to be aware of any concerns, to have the opportunity to ask questions, and to feel comfortable about how we plan to approach each individual patient.

We also discuss our availability to take emergency patients for the day. I identify these time slots early in the day so that every team member is aware. This creates a sense of uniformity among staff, and allows them to be informed and prepared for potential emergencies.

During our morning huddle we also discuss any administrative issues, and go over our staffing needs for the day. I find that taking this time every morning makes for a less stressful day.

In addition to the morning huddle, I also occasionally hold staff meetings.  This can be anywhere from once a week, to once a month depending on the needs of the office.

This time is spent working on the practice. We examine anything that can be improved in our office. I encourage my team to bring any ideas or suggestions that they think will improve our patient care during this time.

I’ve found in my years as a dental business owner that holding regular staff meetings contributes to a better flow and a more unified team. To hear more specific details on how I organize and keep track of meetings, listen in to this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast! Then stop back here and let me know: do you have regular staff meetings? If not will you start now?

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