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Customer service is vital to any business, and the dental industry is no exception. Every time a patient visits your practice they are measuring the quality of the service they receive. If you want to improve your small business, developing stronger relationships with your patients is a great place to start.

Today on the Business of Dentistry Podcast, I’m talking about effective ways to enhance the customer service in your practice. I’m sharing specific skills, tactics, and tools that can help you better serve your patients, and in turn develop a better reputation for your business.

Customer Service

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One of my biggest pet peeves in customer service is phone etiquette. I don’t like it when the phones in our office to ring endlessly; it is frustrating for a patient to be on the other end of that phone. In my dental practice, we try our best to answer the phone within three rings.

And a person always answers the phones: I don’t want my patients to call our office and be relayed to an automated machine or a voicemail message, I want them to speak with a human being.

Additionally, I have my staff stagger their lunch breaks to ensure that patients are able to reach us during that time. Many patients are only available to speak around lunchtime, and I want them to know their call is important to us.

When our office is closed, our patients are still able to speak to an actual human. We use an answering service that will relay urgent messages between the patient and myself after hours. This allows me to do anything from calling in a prescription, to letting the patient know to come in first thing the next morning.

Using an answering service, in my opinion, is quite inexpensive for the value that it provides. My patients always feel cared for and know that they are my priority, so I am happy to employ an answering service.

The other tool I use to improve patient communication skills in my dental business is an automated appointment reminder system. These systems not only remind a patient about an upcoming appointment, but they are also capable of sending out post-visit surveys.

After a surgery or procedure, we are able to collect information from the patient regarding their visit. The patient can give feedback on their experience, allowing our team to know what we are doing correctly, and what we should strive to improve.

On this episode, I share more easily implemented customer service tips to take your dental business to the next level. I explain the biggest obstacles in customer service, how I get my team on the same page, and much more about cultivating stronger relationships with your patients.

“The small things matter the most.”

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