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Episode 007

Throughout my 14 years as a licensed dental professional, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to run an effective and efficient practice. One of the biggest struggles for me has been learning how to delegate tasks to staff members and spending my time focusing on my expertise: clinical work.


On this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast, I share my own personal experience learning to delegate as a dental professional, and how these skills can help you build a more productive and lucrative business.

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Sharing duties and responsibilities in my dental practice does not come easily to me. Typically, I want to be in control of what goes on in my business, and I want to ensure that all work is being done efficiently to give my patients the best experience possible.

However, I’ve had to come to terms with the reality that I cannot and should not do it all. Part of being a successful business owner is building a trustworthy and reliable team.

In the past, I experienced an unsavory situation with my first office manager who I trusted too much. Over time, I started noticing a lot of absences and excuses for why work was not done. Ultimately this team member was terminated, and I was left with a lot of loose ends to tie up.

I was shaken by that experience but I’ve learned my lesson. I had to take responsibility for the outcome of that situation, and I now manage my employees with the mantra: trust, but verify!

It’s important to follow up with staff members regarding their responsibilities. Ultimately, your dental practice is yours and your staff might not have the same priorities that you do as a business owner. I recommend conducting both periodic and random checks to ensure that employees are following through on their duties.

Assembling the appropriate team and verifying their work allows you as the dental practice owner to do what it is you do best – see patients. In a successful dental business it’s imperative to allocate time and energy appropriately. You are the only person in your business who is qualified to see patients.

Learning to delegate appropriately can transform your dental practice. On today’s show, I share how to give guidance and set boundaries with staff members, and how to determine what tasks should be assigned.

We also spend time talking about how delegating the task of creating an inventory sheet has saved my business both time and money. Listen in and get ready to sharpen your business skills on this episode of the Business of Dentistry Podcast!

“You need to be doing what’s productive.”

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